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Files must be in vector format with all fonts converted to outlines, curves or paths. Bitmap files must be reviewed and approved by the Art Department and may require an art charge. We accept the following formats: Adobe Illustrator CC (.ai), Encapsulated PostScript (.eps), Portable Document Format (.pdf), Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg), and Photoshop CC (four color process only). Photocopies, faxed art, sketches, stationary, business cards, and other imprinted products are not considered sufficient print ready art, and may be subject to an art charge for recreation when possible. ETS reserves the right to reject any art that is not considered print ready. Art adjustments and recreations are charged at an hourly rate of $75.00(g), which are quoted before production begins. Art submission emails must specify distributor name and purchase order number. IF NOT SPECIFIED ON THE PURCHASE ORDER, ART SIZE AND PLACEMENT WILL BE AT THE DISCRETION OF THE ETS ART DEPARTMENT.


Typesetting is charged at a rate of $20.00(g) per three lines of straight-line copy. Unless otherwise specified, typestyle is at the discretion of the art department.

electronic art

Files must be vector format with all fonts converted to outlines, curves or paths. Pixel based or bitmap artwork will require an art charge and may require a pre-production sample (prior review required). Emails must specify distributor name and purchase order number.

We accept the following formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator CC (.ai)
  • Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)
  • Photoshop CC (.psd) [four color process only - emails must specify]


Halftones are printed at 60 DPI and must be reviewed and approved by the Art Department prior to printing. A Pre-Production Proof (PPP) may be required.

imprint colors

ETS Express, LLC offers a variety of inks. PMS colors are designed to be printed on white paper and are used for reference only. Due to the nature of ceramics, glass, and the firing process, exact matches cannot be guaranteed. ETS spot printing utilizes the following Pantone varieties: Pantone® Solid Coated, Pantone Metallic Coated, & Pantone Solid Uncoated(requires a Pre-Production Proof for use). A Pre-Production Proof (PPP) is strongly recommended when imprint colors are critical.

imprint size and position

Orders must clearly specify if artwork is one-sided, two-sided, opposite the handle, or wrap-around. Orders must also clearly state if artwork is to exact size, or should be enlarged or reduced. In the absence of clear instructions, sizing and placement is at our own discretion. If specific instructions for art size and location are not clearly stated on the purchase order, then no claims will be processed. Imprint locations are defined as follows:

For all standard serif and sans serif fonts, the minimum font size to print clearly is 7 pt. The minimum font size for embellished fonts varies. Curved lines must be a minimum of 0.5 pt thickness to print; straight lines must be a minimum of 1.2 pt thickness to print cleanly. There must be a minimum of 0.75 pt thickness clear space between objects in order for them to print without filling in.

cancellations and changes

ETS Express, LLC reserves the right to commence production upon receipt of the order. Customer will be required to pay for all work completed at the time of cancellation. Any changes requested after artwork has been prepared for production may incur additional film and screen charges. All cancellations and changes to any pending order must be submitted in writing.

change of color

$20.00(g) per color. Must be in full case quantities.


All claims for damage or shortages in shipments must be made within 10 days of receipt of the shipment. Otherwise, shipment is assumed to be received without damage and complete. Neither ETS nor Distributor assumes any liability for damage or shortages after this point. No returns are accepted without prior written consent of ETS. No product is accepted for return after being altered or otherwise used. ETS disclaims any responsibility for products after 30 days in buyer´s possession.

confirming orders

ETS Express, LLC will not be responsible for any duplicate shipments that occur if “confirming” does not appear on any follow-up or faxed orders.

Contigo® & Bubba® (product sample, and purchasing policy)

ETS Express, LLC is now the exclusive provider of Contigo® & Bubba® brand products for the promotional products industry. Because of the special arrangement between Ignite and ETS, there are special arrangements that may differ from regular ETS Product offerings.


  • Contigo® & Bubba® products are available for purchase and distribution for customer´s promotional use only.
  • Items may be placed on your own company site for promotional bulk sales distribution. Sales on or through 3rd party sites such as eBay, Amazon, Craiglist, and others are prohibited.
  • Products must be placed only in non-traditional retail stores, such as company stores, corporate gift shop, or other non-traditional retail location of the end user. Items may not be purchased and re-sold into traditional retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, or other brick and mortar retail stores without the written approval of ETS Express, LLC.
  • Items may not be sold into Collegiate Bookstores without written approval from ETS Express, LLC.
  • samples:

  • Subject to availability and are shipped within 1-3 business days. Contigo® & Bubba® samples are invoiced at EQP plus freight upon approved credit. Customer must provide UPS/Fedex shipper number for freight. PO or other written authorization of charges and freight must be submitted when requesting Contigo® & Bubba® samples.
  • Spec Samples: Regular Spec sample cost ($80g) plus EQP Contigo® & Bubba® unit cost.
  • Setup Charges waived if exact item and logo is used for order from Spec Sample Order.
    • Contigo® & Bubba® pre-production samples:

    • Pre-production proofs are available at $40.00(g) per color plus normal screen charges, plus item unit cost. Pre-production fee is waived ($40g) on orders of 576 pieces or more, however item unit cost will still apply. Changes in pre-production proof will result in additional screen charges. Orders canceled after submission of proof will be invoiced for pre-production proof, screen charges and any other applicable charges.

    self promotions:

  • Self Promo Pricing will be billed at EQP net pricing, no setups. 24 piece minimum, case pack quantities. Canada shipments are excluded from this program.

distributor overrun

Upon request, overruns will be sent at cost of item plus freight.

dishwashing and microwave use

Hand washing is recommended for all of our products to promote the durability of the imprints. Most items are dishwasher-safe (top-rack only in residential dishwashers) unless otherwise noted on the product or its related care information. Dishwashing using commercial equipment (in restaurants, schools, etc.) is discouraged; the harsh detergents and extremely hot water will damage the decorations. Do not microwave any products containing metal, rubber or plastic; ceramics and glass items are generally safe for microwave unless otherwise noted on the product or related care information.

drop or split shipments

Currently, split shipments are not available shipping via FOB Canada. Contact factory with questions.


Initial e-proof is sent at no charge. One complimentary change to the art is also honored at no charge. Subsequent changes will incur an additional charge of $20.00(g) per proof.

e24 & e48

Click here for no proof e-rush services.

foil imprints

Single color foil imprints are available on select items as either a 1 side or 2 sided imprint (wrap options are not available). Foil colors include gold, copper, or platinum. Powder coated items are available for an added cost. Foil imprint may have small imperfections and vary slightly from other bottles in production run. Rush services are not available.

gift and mailer boxes

Gift and mailer boxes are available for most items. Visit our beyond boxes page to see all available options.


When orders are manufactured to customer´s specifications, the customer shall hold ETS harmless from any liability for trademark, patent or copyright infringements, proprietary rights violations, invasion of privacy or other personal or intellectual property rights infringements or violations. All materials submitted by the customer for use by ETS to produce items ordered are considered by ETS to be in full compliance with all applicable laws in regards to trademark, service mark, copyright, patent, or similar protection, and the customer has all of the legal rights and authorizations to grant ETS a limited license for the express purpose of reproducing such materials on the products. It is the customer´s responsibility to provide appropriate legal lines to ETS for inclusion in the art.

less than minimum (ltm)

LTM orders must be at least half of first column quantity of the pricing listed on the product detail page. Refer to the first quantity column for the item unit cost. A $60.00(g) LTM charge will be incurred in addition to normal screen charges.

master cartons

Additional packaging is required for any ceramic or glass orders shipping via parcel service carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL). See the product detail page for additional charges.

nature of ceramics and glassware

Due to the inherent nature of ceramics and the properties of glassware produced by foreign and domestic manufacturers, there may be slight imperfections and irregularities which should not be perceived as defective. Variations in materials, firing temperatures and color pigments may result in variations in glaze and imprint colors. Ounces, sizes, and measurements are approximate and may vary from batch to batch, and within each batch. These variations are within industry standard and therefore must be considered acceptable.

non-imprinted merchandise

Catalog end quantity price (c) less $0.40 (c). Must be in case quantities. (Contigo®, Bubba®, & glass items are excluded.)


To ensure that your order will be processed as quickly as possible and to ensure that all ship dates will be met, please be specific on your purchase orders. Please type or print legibly our item number, quantity, imprint color(s) and location, complete shipping information, and any other information relative to your order. ETS Express, LLC will not be responsible for any misinterpretation of copy layout on handwritten orders or layouts. Unless otherwise specified, ETS Express, LLC reserves the right to select fonts and rearrange copy for best appearance or to meet product limitations. It is important that a ship date be included to expedite your order. ETS Express, LLC will only be responsible for meeting ship dates and cannot guarantee in-hands or special event dates due to carrier delays. Please carefully proofread all artwork for accuracy as ETS Express, LLC will not be liable for errors in submitted artwork. On re-orders please include the previous invoice number as well as the month and year of the previous order. A brief description of the imprint is also helpful. Also specify if there will be color or copy changes. We cannot guarantee exact color matches on repeat orders due to reasons described in “Nature of Ceramics”.

over/underrun policy

To maintain quality control, we reserve the right to ship up to 5% over or under the quantity ordered and bill accordingly. This is the industry standard and must be considered fulfillment of the order. Orders requiring "no overruns" are subject to 5% underrun, and orders requiring "no underruns" are subject to an overrun of up to 5%. "Exact quantity" orders are available at an additional charge of $25.00(g).

patents, trademarks and copyrights

Many items shown in the catalog are the exclusive property of ETS Express, LLC or its affiliated companies and are protected under one or more U.S. federal laws against trademark, patent or copyright infringement. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.


Personalization is not available.

production time

Click here for current production times.

CPSIA, FDA, Cal Prop 65, Canada and International Product Safety Regulations; Product Testing

  • Compliance with U.S. and Canada Regulations:

    Our products and inks are regularly tested to exceed all applicable U.S. federal and state, and Canadian regulations, laws and standards for drinkware products, including, but not limited to, those applicable to CPSIA, FDA, Cal Prop 65 and the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act. Our products comply with all applicable safety regulations for drinkware sold in the U.S. and Canada, including those for lead, cadmium, phthalates, and BPA. Certain product and packaging labels/markings, such as those for country of origin, "BPA-Free", identification of the importer/manufacturer, and tracking labels are required by law. Exceptions cannot be made although every reasonable effort is made to minimize our company´s brand markings on products, packaging, and care sheets.
  • Additional Testing; International Regulations:

    International product safety regulations have become very complex in recent years, especially for food-contact articles. As mentioned, and at great expense to ETS, we regularly test our products to verify compliance with applicable U.S. and Canadian product safety regulations for drinkware to meet the safety expectations of the vast majority of our domestic clients and their end-buyers. However, we do not include testing to meet the regulatory requirements of other countries outside the U.S. and Canada.
  • Additional Testing; Client’s Special Requirements:

    Some larger end-buyers have testing requirements that go beyond mandatory compliance, and if such testing (beyond what ETS already provides) is needed, then we will be happy to assist in having such testing performed.
  • Additional Testing; Overseas Orders:

    On occasion, our customers may request orders to be decorated at our overseas factories. To ensure proper verification of compliance with these products, ETS recommends that these products are tested by one of our third-party testing labs in Asia.
  • Costs for Additional Testing:

    ETS bears the costs of testing its products as part of its regular testing program, but for any of the Additional Testing described above, our customers will be responsible for any and all costs for samples, testing, shipping, and special handling expenses. A separate P.O. must be issued for these additional tests. ETS makes no warranties of any kind that our products will meet or “pass” international safety regulations or clients’ special testing requirements. Please allow at least 3 weeks for additional testing.
  • Children’s Products:

    Always inform your ETS Customer Service Representative of your special testing needs. It is also important to advise us if an item is intended primarily for children, so we can properly advise you of appropriate products, compliance requirements, and special tracking labels as required under CPSIA.

registration tolerance

Tolerance on multi-color tight registration artwork is 1/16”. This tolerance is industry standard and must be considered acceptable.

rush service

Click here for current rush information.

sample services

  • random samples

    Subject to availability and are shipped within 1-3 business days at no charge. Third party retail brands samples are excluded, as they are billed at EQP price. Customer must provide UPS/Fedex shipper number for freight. Please provide a purchase order with a UPS/FedEx account number and preferred shipping method. Multiple sample requests may be subject to an additional charge.
  • speculative samples

    $80.00(g) per color, up to 2 samples. Speculative samples may not be available in the peak months of October through December. Samples may vary slightly from entire production run.
  • pre-production samples

    Pre-production proofs are available at $40.00(g) per color plus normal screen charges. (Third party retail brands - add item unit cost). Pre-production charge is waived on orders of 576 pieces or more (Third party retail brands - item unit cost will still apply). Changes in pre-production proof will result in additional screen charges. Orders canceled after submission of proof will be invoiced for pre-production proof, screen charges and any other applicable charges.

satin etch imprint

This imprint simulates an “etched” look and is considered a standard imprint color.

setup charges

spot color: $65.00(g) per color on initial order. Exact reorders of previous order will not incur new screen charges.

foil: $100.00(g) click here for more info.


Freight estimates given by the factory are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice as rates can fluctuate. Master cartons to protect against breakage are used and billed at $6.00(g) per carton for all UPS, FEDEX, or any other air freight carrier shipments. Title for goods passes to the buyer at DDP point. All goods are shipped at the buyer´s risk and all claims must be made with the freight carrier, normally within 14 days of receipt of merchandise. We do not ensure on-time delivery or safe carriage of goods. Recourse rests exclusively with the transportation company. No adjustments will be given for any delayed or damaged shipments or for any other reason beyond factory control. No C.O.D., Parcel Post, or Priority Mail shipments.

inside and residential deliveries

Orders requiring inside or residential delivery must have this noted on the order. Deliveries beyond the buyer´s dock may be subject to an additional charge and will only be done at the customer´s risk. If an inside delivery is requested at the time of delivery, please be advised you may receive a subsequent invoice for this service in addition to your original invoice. Factory is not responsible for Saturday express deliveries if this service is not available in customer´s area.


Net 30 on approved credit. Interest charges will be assessed on all past due balances. For your convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. If payment by credit card: due to the custom-made nature of our products, we may charge your credit card for the order (in whole or in part) before production and shipping of your order.


ETS Express, LLC warrants its products for satisfactory workmanship and material with the exceptions described above in the “Nature of Ceramics & Glass” section. Defective merchandise will be replaced, but OUR LIABILITY IS LIMITED TO THE INVOICE COST OF THE ITEM.


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